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UTG Europe GmbH
Am Bahndamm 7, 63683 Ortenberg, Germany
Tel. +49 6041 969686-0
Fax. +49 6041 969686-66

INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 34MM FFP LPVO SCOPE now available!
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UTG Europe GmbH
Am Bahndamm 7, 63683 Ortenberg, Germany
Tel:+49 6041 969686-0
Fax:+49 6041 969686-66
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Leapers deeply appreciates support and encouragement from all our loyal customers! Over 25 years of innovation and insistence on quality and service set us apart in this industry. No matter for products we make overseas or those we make in our Michigan plant, we apply the most stringent production control and quality management discipline to give you the highest quality and value products. We are especially excited about our rapidly growing U.S. Manufacturing Operation and will continue our investment in people, process and technology to further expand our Made-in-USA lines.
ALERT - UTG is one of Leapers’ trademarks. Loyal customers have brought to our attention counterfeits of a number of UTG hot sellers sold on well-known internet marketplace. These counterfeits not only rip off consumers with their inferior design and quality, but also infringe on our trademarks and copyrighted material. We caution all customers to be vigilant. A genuine UTG or UTG PRO item comes in a very well-designed retail package with clear item# and trademark symbols. There may also be product engravings and user manuals depending on the item. Please contact us if you have any question or encounter any suspicious items.